Amazon AWS
Maximize your company's efficiency

Amazon Webservices is a comprehensive platform for cloud computing services and belongs to the leading suppliers worldwide.

Benefit from numerous bundled online services such as Infrastucture as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Amazon AWS impresses with its precise consumption-based licensing and billing - so you can Companies can scale their applications to fit, respond faster, and ultimately reduce the costs of Reduce your IT infrastructure.

The AWS cloud consists of globally distributed regions and offers the users - in addition to the Provision of computing capacity in the form of virtual machines - many advanced Services, such as high-availability databases, object storage, search services and much more.

High performance and 99.95% availability are standard at Amazon AWS.

Thanks to German server locations, the platform also meets all requirements of the DSGVO and the is subject to the German Data Protection Act (BDSG).

AWS offers you more than 120 services and invoices the services based on usage. You pay only for those services that you also need, without any long-term commitments, or complex licensing.

In the event of an increase in use, you benefit from volume discounts or staggered prices for certain services. If you discontinue using the AWS Services, you will not be charged any additional Costs or cancellation fees.

An IT infrastructure that can be permanently adapted to the actual requirements ensures so you can concentrate on your core business.

EC2 - Cloud Computing - Virtual Servers

Icon CLoud Computing

With EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) Amazon offers freely configurable, virtual servers which are set up within a few minutes.

All resources, e.g. memory or CPU, can be used flexibly. customize.

Common CMS systems, such as Joomla, Word- Press or Typo3, can be used within the install in shortest time.

S3 - Simple Storage Service

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With S3 it is possible to store any amount of data. The memory is arbitrarily scalable and therefore always offers sufficient power for all applications. Memory.

With free tools such as the S3 browser, entire directories can be conveniently stored in download the cloud.

RDS Databases

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With RDS Amazon AWS provides a number of virtual databases based on MYSQL, PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL. or Oracle.

With the AWS Database Migration Service, you can easily migrate your existing databases to the AWS database. and migrate cost-effectively to AWS.


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